At Compliance Consulting Services, we strive to reduce both our clients’ compliance requirements and the cost of getting and staying in compliance. In some cases we have succeeded in reducing fines up to $145,000 dollars.

Other primary benefits of our services include lower insurance and worker’s compensation costs, less long term health and safety risks to the employees, and lower environmental risks.

We offer best management plans (BMP) for both OSHA and EPA issues. Our clients include businesses in Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan. For site specific solutions, please contact us.

Our Services

OSHA Compliance

We provide required written assessments for

  • Chemical Hazards
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Confined Space
  • Lockout and Personal Machine Guarding
  • Personal Protective Equipment

We develop site specific, OSHA required, written programs and provide the training required as part of the hazards associated with your site. more

EPA Compliance

We provide air, water and hazardous waste permitting, record keeping, reporting, auditing and training. more

Additional Services

MSDS EXPRESS - We offer an easy to use software program to assist companies in reducing the hassle of MSDS management. You can easily search, view and print images of MSDS, department indexes, labels and more. This software can even help you determine SARA Title III reporting thresholds and Clean Air Act thresholds. more

SAFETY VIDEOS - We provide economical OSHA compliant Safety Videos which help supplement your site specific training. more

INTERACTIVE CD-ROMs - View a list of available interactive CD-ROMs which can aid you with in-house training of your employees. Perfect for small interactive training sessions! more


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